Actually I wanted to focus on my new little sketches and trying to color them digitally only half the day. The other half I planned to continue my acrylic painting of the girl and the dog. But first the sketches were too much fun, later I was too tired to start the painting. I'm a... Continue Reading →



(Deutsch siehe unten) Today I needed a little break from concentrating and giving my best, so I started sketching a little. It was so much fun, but: Why is it that the sketches are always better than the final drawing or artwork??? The sketch, not being perfect at all, is full of life, while then the... Continue Reading →


(Deutsch siehe unten) I think now I know what the colors should be, but I'm not really there yet. The progress is really slow because the canvas is quite big and until today I was using small brushes only because I wanted not to use too much of the "good paint". But then I decided... Continue Reading →


(Deutsch siehe unten) Well, this girl came to stay, I guess 😉 Fortunately I'm finally done with the face. Now I have to figure out the colors. They were wrong somehow, that's why I changed them to white, and tomorrow I will hopefully find out what the picture wants them to be... Sieht so aus, als... Continue Reading →


(Deutsch siehe unten) I know its a bit ridiculous to post this little progress, but it helps me stay motivated to show it to an audience... I hope tomorrow I can show more progress! Wishing all of you a wonderful and sunny weekend 🌞 Ich weiß, es ist ein wenig lächerlich, so wenig malerischen Fortschritt... Continue Reading →


... is really giving me a hard time with all those subtle shadows on her face... Can't wait ´til I'm finally done! Dieses Mädel macht es mir wirklich nicht leicht mit all den feinen Schatten auf ihrem Gesicht... Ich kann's kaum erwarten dieses Bild zu beenden!


(Deutsch siehe unten) Today I finished this little digital illustration for my Spreadshirt Shop. I think Spreadshirt exists in the USA too, you can upload your creative work to their platform and people can then purchase clothes and accessories with your design. What I like about Spreadshirt especially is that the products get cheaper the... Continue Reading →


This will be the month of June in my calendar (painted with watercolors). I finished it several days ago already, but didn't have time to post it yet... Wishing all of you a wonderful week and a sunny and happy 1st of May! 🌞 Summer´s coming, yay! 🌸 Das hier wird der Juni in meinem Kalender... Continue Reading →

Traveling Friends

(Deutsch siehe unten) Today I was working on my June calendar sheet, but then I started this little illustration. I wanted to film the process and tried so, but unfortunately the camera was not adjusted properly and most the time you see my head instead of the painting 🙄 Well, it was the first try...... Continue Reading →

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