(Deutsch siehe unten) Here's a wonderful film about the US-American artist Mindy Alper. If you're interested in art or outsider art, you should probably watch it. If you're interested in film itself, you should probably watch it too as it got an Oscar the other night. The full length film link was removed from the... Continue Reading →



(Deutsch siehe unten) Today I painted on my first oil painting again. Somehow the colors are a little boring, but I will deal with that later. For now I painted the windows, which caused me some perspective issues. But in the end it worked out somehow 😊 Wishing everyone a wonderful week! Spring is coming!!! 🌷🌺🌞... Continue Reading →


(Deutsch siehe unten) Today I worked on her torso and started her face, which will probably be the easiest part in this whole undertaking. I think her eyes are still too big and her face is way too sweet, but all in all it´s alright. Heute habe ich an ihrem Oberkörper gearbeitet und ihr Gesicht... Continue Reading →


(Deutsch siehe unten) Today I went on working on this little lady. She's quite challenging. But it´s okay, she's allowed to be that way. At least she´s teaching me a lot. I'm once again fascinated by the way a little white can add tons of light to a painting. Heute habe ich an dieser kleinen... Continue Reading →


(Deutsch siehe unten) Yesterday I have been working on my first nude painting. I always wanted to try painting a nude, and now here we go. Unfortunately it´s way harder than painting a face (at least for me), and I cannot even tell, why. Maybe it´s because of my lack of knowledge when it comes... Continue Reading →

Fourth painting for book done

(Deutsch siehe unten) Here´s the next painting and page of my children's book. Somehow the painting seems a little boring to me, but I think that's due to the subject and not due to the painting itself... Hm. We´ll see. For now I think it´s best to just start the next one. Wishing a wonderful... Continue Reading →


(Deutsche siehe unten) Today I was painting on another page for my book, but in the end I had to realize that it somehow didn´t turn out the way I wanted 😢 Tomorrow I will rework it, maybe I can fix some mistakes... I also made this little sketch today, so at least I have something... Continue Reading →

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