Mr. Fox in the woods

Today I started a new attempt to illustrate the story I wrote a while ago. It's for children and it provides an answer to the strange fact that a rabbit brings the eggs at Easter 🐣 Last time I painted the pictures in Photoshop digitally. This time I decided to paint them with watercolors and... Continue Reading →


May, or: Lilies of the valley

This one took me quite a while. I thought it would be easier and quicker than the former ones, because the figures are bigger and not that tiny. But then I discovered that there are a lot of different layers in the picture, perspective layers. The leaves are behind each other, and the viewer should... Continue Reading →

Christmas Season in Wiesbaden

I have gathered some photographic impressions about Christmas Season here in Wiesbaden, Germany. I started baking Christmas cookies, which I will also send to my family in Hungary. We went to the Christmas Market, which was really a blast! Some mulled wine and fatty unhealthy food (like fries and Bratwurst/fried sausage) can make you really... Continue Reading →

Santa Claus and Bergamot

Yesterday I got asked to illustrate a Christmas poem about Santa Claus wearing flip-flops. This would be my first real job as an illustrator, I'm so flattered and a little nervous. Have to find out was the price could be for such an illustration - anyone any idea? For my own fun I painted a... Continue Reading →

Bunnies and a Christmas Tree

I'm done with another painting, this time it´s the April of the calendar I'm working on. Also we bought a Christmas tree, and I couldn't resist to build it up and decorate it already. Now I'm waiting the season to fit my flat 😉

New Kitchen and paintings

Part of my new studio is a tiny flat which I use as an "office". It has one little room, a tiny bathroom, and a small kitchen. When I rented it it was in a horrible condition, the walls where yellowed, no floor, dirt everywhere, and the whole thing quite smelly. My husband helped me... Continue Reading →

Storage room and WIP

Yesterday I finally managed to hoover the huge storage room above my studio. It was in very bad condition, full of dust and spiderwebs - and some large black spiders... That´s why my husband had to do the first cleaning up. I´m not that afraid of spiders, but these ones were really scary. I didn't... Continue Reading →


It´s been a long time... I´m not even sure if I´m still able to write in English. I´m trying to practice by watching series and movies in original tone on Netflix, but listening is different than writing or talking. It´s a lot easier. Anyway, this here is practice too. No need to be perfect, right?!... Continue Reading →

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