Some new sketches

(Deutsch siehe unten) Today I had only a little time for painting. Actually I didn't paint at all. But I managed to work on my book sketches. So here are the next three pages of the book: Heute hatte ich nur sehr wenig Zeit zum Malen. Eigentlich habe ich gar nicht gemalt. Aber ich habe... Continue Reading →


First one done!

(Deutsch siehe unten) Hooray, I'm finally done with the first page of my book (actually it´s the second page, but who cares?!). I finished watercoloring today and went to Staples to scan it. My own scanner is way too small for DinA3. Unfortunately the prices for one single scan are incredibly high at Staples. I... Continue Reading →

Back to watercolors and acrylics

(Deutsche Version siehe unten) Today was a good day. A lot of painting, and no disappointment in it. I started my book illustration in watercolor, just because I wanted to see what it would look like and if I would like it better than the Photoshop one. - Well, I can't help it, but I... Continue Reading →

Common Linnet

I don´t know if common linnet is the right English name for this bird. But its the only translation I found. Its Latin name is Carduelis Cannabina. It´s the male version of the linnet, the female doesn't have any reds. After pausing book illustrations for the weekend, I felt like painting a bird again. I... Continue Reading →

Still coloring…

Well, this illustrating thing is really challenging me. Yesterday I was so frustrated that I didn´t even post the results. I was not happy with it at all, and my little friend self-doubt said Hello again, telling me I was not good enough, I was not ready for illustrating a whole children's book... Tonight I... Continue Reading →

Painting trees

Second day of the year, sixth day of keeping focus on what's important. I know, not a big deal, but it could be the first little steps to really getting something (my children's book) done... Today I went on coloring the first sketch: painting the trees.

First colored sketch

Day #2 of focussing: Until now it works. I didn't feel like sketching, that's why I started coloring. I think I like how it turned out. I'm not done yet, it takes quite some time. But here's a detail of the second page of my planned book:

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