Bunnies and a Christmas Tree

I’m done with another painting, this time it´s the April of the calendar I’m working on. Also we bought a Christmas tree, and I couldn’t resist to build it up and decorate it already. Now I’m waiting the season to fit my flat 😉


New Kitchen and paintings

Part of my new studio is a tiny flat which I use as an “office”. It has one little room, a tiny bathroom, and a small kitchen. When I rented it it was in a horrible condition, the walls where yellowed, no floor, dirt everywhere, and the whole thing quite smelly. My husband helped me to put it back in order (actually he did the most of it). Now the walls are white again, bad smells are gone, it´s all clean, and we put a nice PVC floor on the ground. The flat looks as if it had a dark wooden floor, I´m a big fan of PVC flooring now! The kitchen is also almost done, but for the water connection we will need get an expert.

Besides all this I try to find time to paint, which is sometimes not an easy thing to do… Anyway, I managed to start and finish some new paintings. 😊

Storage room and WIP

Yesterday I finally managed to hoover the huge storage room above my studio. It was in very bad condition, full of dust and spiderwebs – and some large black spiders… That´s why my husband had to do the first cleaning up. I´m not that afraid of spiders, but these ones were really scary. I didn’t even know that spiders this size existed in a Middle-European country like Germany. I think there hasn´t been any cleaning up in this storage room since ages…

Besides I painted a little, and since the face starts to look less awful I will post my work in progress here. Wishing everyone a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!


It´s been a long time… I´m not even sure if I´m still able to write in English. I´m trying to practice by watching series and movies in original tone on Netflix, but listening is different than writing or talking. It´s a lot easier.

Anyway, this here is practice too. No need to be perfect, right?!

So much has changed again. I´m not living in Frankfurt anymore, and since that I´m a lot happier. Frankfurt is nice, but not for me. There´s too much past there, maybe you know what I mean. The past weighed so heavy that there was no room for the present. So I decided that it´s time to move again, and this time to Wiesbaden. It´s located about 40 km west of Frankfurt, the capital of Hessen, and stunningly beautiful: lot´s of old town houses and mansions, the Rhine river, surrounded by forests and vineyards. We live in a beautiful flat downtown, and I found a wonderful studio in walking distance. I´m ready now for the present, preparing the future. 😉

Here are some impressions of my latest paintings and new workplace:

Wishing you all a wonderful day, thanks for stopping by! 🌞


This one was planned only with a squirrel, but then I thought: Can´t leave out Mr. Fox! So he´s here too, again. Friends have to stick together, right?!

Fox in Berries

I made a new background for the fox I painted some weeks (or months?) ago. The background itself is made on Photoshop, the berries are pencil drawings, the fox itself is watercolor and gouache. I like the sketchy feel of the berries and that they are not too perfect, but I must also admit that I´m too impatient for perfection… Mr. Fox in this version is available for purchase at Society6, Redbubble, and Artflakes.

Watercolor: Hibernation

I´m finally done with this picture that doesn’t fit this beautiful summer season at all… 😉 Anyway, looking at it makes you appreciate the warmth and sunshine even more.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday!


New Design

Yesterday I bought a birthday card for my husband a saw a lot of really pretty cards on the shelves. That´s how I got the idea for this new design. It´s an older watercolor painting of mine combined with a little digital background, scanned pencil writing, and graph paper. The words are of a beautiful old poem by Josef von Eichendorff (1788-1857). It says that there is a song hidden in everything, and you can hear it if you just know how to really listen.















The new design is available as print here.