Hungarian Paprika

Since I´m half Hungarian, here´s some of my favorite food: peppers. They taste completely different than the sweet (yellow, red, or green) peppers you usually get at the grocery stores. And they are kind of the foundation of Hungarian cuisine. Hungarians eat almost everything with paprika, may it be ground or whole. I´m working on illustrations for greeting cards or to be printed on tote bags, and I will try to sell them to tourists in Budapest/Hungary and Frankfurt am Main/Germany. So there´s some typical Hungarian and typical stuff from Frankfurt coming up…

Besides, I completely rearranged my WP page. It´s not completely done yet and there´s a lot missing, but I´m working on it. I wanted it to look a bit more professional, because it will be published on the homepage of the office building where I rent my studio. 😊


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    1. That´s so nice if you, Laura, especially because I´m so happy to have this studio. It´s so good to leave the house to go to a place where there´s just paper, paint, and you. And yeah, I really like leaving these white dots here and there, that seems to make the pictures loose and light. 😊🎨

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