Bembel and Apfelwein

Today something from my other hometown, Frankfurt am Main. As Frankfurt is the capitol of apple wine (we call it “Äppler” or, officially, “Apfelwein”), here it is. Äppler is probably only loved by people born in Frankfurt or the federal state/province of Hessen, where Frankfurt is located. It´s extremely sour, only a strong stomach can bear it. But you can drink it “sweetly”, then it´s mixed with orange lemonade and quite tasty.

There´s a funny story about apple wine in my family. Around 1980 my grandfather from then communist Hungary visited us in Frankfurt which was part of “the West” at that time. Hungary has a rich and famous wine culture. When my grandfather tasted our apple wine, he was shocked. Afterwards he was finally completely convinced that “the West” wasn´t really better than “the East”. He said that if a country like Germany produced wine like that, he´d rather stay in Hungary. 😊

The pitcher in which apple wine is served is called “Bembel”. It´s really nice earthenware, and it´s a typical gift from Frankfurt.


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