As I mentioned before, Hungary is a country with a rich wine culture. The two probably most famous wines are “Tokaji” (wine from Tokaj) and Egri Bikavér (“Bull Blood” from Eger). Tokaji is a sweet, white dessert wine, and Bikavér is a quite heavy, full-bodied, dry red wine. In communist times the wine culture in Hungary got a bit destroyed, because quantity was rated over quality. But since then it is recovering pretty fast with also a lot of young winemakers coming up.

And here are some watercolour grapes to illustrate the Hungarian wine culture (or any wine culture):


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    1. Oh, thank you so much, Laura!!! 😊🍇 I think it´s two things: One is the paper. It´s the cheapest paper I could find, and first I was really disappointed by it and thought: Next time I should spend more to buy better paper. Problem with it: it doesn´t stay flat when it gets wet, it´s getting all “wavy”. But then I found out, that it´s drying quite quickly, and then it´s flat again – and you can go on painting. And you can get these wonderful colours on it. Even if you mix them on the wet paper, they do not melt completely into each other and kind of disappear. They melt just a little. That way a little blue or pink in the purple stays blue or pink with a purple touch. I think that makes the painting more interesting and iridescent (hope, that´s the right word…). The second thing: I didn´t leave that much white dots on the grapes now. I painted them all purple, and then (purple was still wet) took paint off again where the light glow is with a clean, wet brush. That made the glow softer than if it would be leaving white dots with hard lines in the purple. I found out that this technique looks really nice not too long ago, when I painted the single red pepper. 😊🌶 Have a happy week, Laura!!! 🌞🌸

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