Belated “Draw-A-Bird-Day” – Bluethroat

I forgot this months “Draw-A-Bird-Day” (DABD) on June 8th. DABD was invented by our friend Laura, read more about it here.

So here´s my birdie two days late. It has to do with Frankfurt am Main again. I painted a bluethroat (“Blaukehlchen” in German). While it was a common bird here some decades ago, there are only a few couples of them left in the greenbelt areas of Frankfurt. But in the federal state of Hessen the number of bluethroats is increasing again, which makes me quite happy as this is such a pretty little animal. I wouldn´t have thought that a small bird like this could be a migrant bird, but it overwinters in the south of Spain, the north of Africa, and even south of the Sahara.

The painting is watercolour and coloured pencil. I´m not completely happy with it because I lack the looseness I achieved in other paintings. But anyway, it´s the first bird I painted in a longer time, so the next one is gonna be better. 😊


21 thoughts on “Belated “Draw-A-Bird-Day” – Bluethroat

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  1. Oh, your bird is stunningly AWESOME Ann!! 😍 WOWZA! Love the colors and your details!! I’d love to be able to paint like you, especially how you painted the bird’s feathers, they look so real to me. 💕💜

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  2. Hi Ann this is beautiful what a wonderful colors very well created! I love your work and I just discovered your Blog through Laura (createarteveryday) thanks to her I follow you now too I hope that you will like my work too! I see lots of my dear friends are here 😉 Carolina

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