Here®s a little summer watercolour painting. Happy weekend to everyone! 🌞🌾


10 thoughts on “Icecream

      1. Ha, thatÂŽs funny, because IÂŽm always holding off a little. My instinct always tells me “do more, do more”, but after several times of overdoing a painting I learned that less is more in the end. Sometimes itÂŽs quite hard to get that point where itÂŽs better to stop. And, what is important too: I read somewhere, that the viewerÂŽs eye is completing automatically whatÂŽs not absolutely complete. If I, for example, donÂŽt get a hand completely right, I just leave out what I canÂŽt draw. And the viewerÂŽs eye will complete it perfectly, better than I could paint it. 😊 Somehow half the magic of a nice painting is in the viewers eyes, on the paper thereÂŽs only the other half. (Of course thatÂŽs only right for loose watercolours, not for all kinds of paintings.)

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