This will be the last post for a couple of days, probably. I´ve got invited to a so-called “Design Parcours” where you can show and sell the things you´re creating. I´m really happy about it, because it will be the first occasion for me to do so. But I´m quite afraid of it too, because you have to face all those people and get their opinion directly… First I thought I cancel the whole thing, but then I thought: You can´t let fear control your life. There´s a quote in German, that says “fear is a bad adviser”. I think that´s really true, but it´s not always easy to follow. Anyway, I will do this now and take part. There´s a lot of work waiting for me!

Here´s a watercolour lemon, it will be printed and (hopefully) sold as a postcard or mini poster or framed art print, as all my other stuff. Gosh, I´m so excited… 😳


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    1. Thank you so much, Laura, I hope you are right!!! This is really exciting, but unfortunately I´m not a person who really likes excitement in her life. I like it calm and by myself… 😉 Thanks for always supporting me, Laura!!! ❤️💕

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      1. Ann, you and I are exactly the same. Have you heard of this book:

        Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but it may really help you understand yourself better. Apparently, there are lots of us out there, lol. At the end, you’ll be really glad you pressed through the fear and went ahead and did it! And you’ll have the confidence to do it some more, when it’s time. ❤

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      2. You´re right, Laura, I think it´s a bit like practicing. Go out there again and again. Will look up that book, I think there are similar books in German too… Thanks for the tip, Laura!!! ❤️

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      3. Ha, that would be great! I could go there by car and with the ferry from France. That would be fun! Just let me know when you´ll be coming! It´s good to meet likeminded people, that way you know you´re not alone. Thanks for that, Laura! 💕🌸

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