Sketchbook: Studying Mice

I´m kind of on hold at the moment, after spending the last couple of days in front of the computer getting the print data right. Now I´m waiting for my postcards and art prints to get printed, but mostly I´m waiting for the printed fabric because I have to start sewing… It´s quite hard to just sit and wait, knowing actually I don´t have any time to lose. It all has to be done by June 30.

Anyway, yesterday I decided to go to my studio and calm myself with painting and drawing a little. As I´m still not satisfied with my illustrational attempts for children´s books, I decided to practice a little. My first story is about a mouse, that´s why I started studying mice. I was trying to leave out the detail, trying to simplify the sketches. And I started my first sketchbook in which I want to paint all my little studies. It´s quite exciting to start a sketchbook, I hope I will be able to sketch a little every day from now on.


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    1. That´s so kind of you to say, Laura!!! I hope I´ll be able some day, it´s quite hard to find an adequate style, I think… I always wonder what medium to use, acrylics, watercolour, gouache? Maybe pastels or coloured pencils? Maybe combine some of them? It´s so hard, and I start trying out new stuff just now… But it´s fun too, so nothing to complain! 😊 And I have a lot of creative people here in our little WP community who make perfect role models in always trying out new styles and media! 💕 ((((Laura))))

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      1. Oh, you don´t want to see the stuff I was trying with gouache once… And I made some terrible things with acrylics too, which I didn´t post here… 😉 For me it´s easy to draw or paint one mouse, but if it has to be a mouse in a nice environment with gras and flowers and maybe some beetles it´s not that easy anymore. I´m not that good at it. I admire paintings like the ones of, where a whole world is created. I can´t do that – yet… 😉 But now I have my new sketchbook to practice things like that. 😊

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    1. Haha, the daily thing didn´t work out as I was sewing all day long the last couple of weeks… But now there´s a little more time for painting again – and taking part in World Watercolour Month! 😊

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