Pattern No. 1

As I´m selling my artwork on Society6 I also subscribed for their newsletter. A couple of days ago I got an email with a video tutorial of one of Society6 top-selling artists, Cat Coquillette. She makes lovely art, creating also a lot of patterns which seem to really sell. In her tutorial she gave a lot of useful advice for selling artwork successfully on the internet. Here´s the link to her TUTORIAL (you have to subscribe to Skillshare, but it´s for free).

As I´d really like to increase my selling (who wouldn’t´t?!) I decided to try out some of the things recommended in this tutorial, having the potential customers in mind. I sat down at my table and started to draw patterns – all of them really awful. Thought: Wow, how come you´re so not talented in doing an “easy” thing like doodling… I took some flower photographs as an inspiration and it got even worse – the secret of patterns is not to get lost in too much detail, I think. Didn’t´t work for me. I almost gave up this whole pattern thing, but then I remembered that my favorite floral patterns are the traditional Hungarian embroidery patterns of Kalócsa. And as I´m half Hungarian I thought, maybe I could better relate to that than just some zen doodling.

I think it worked, here´s my first try:















I scanned it and digitalized it in Adobe Illustrator:















And then I doubled it:


Now I will try to color it in various ways. This all takes quite long, I hope I will work quicker with more practice…


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