Travel light

I´m trying out new stuff and styles again. Since about two years now I´m in search for “my style”, but so far it´s just jumping back and forth, not knowing what direction to take… I think lots of you know what I´m talking about. I hope I will notice when I have got it. 😊

This one here is a little watercolor illustration with hand lettering (ink). I´m back in Frankfurt by now, after driving 1.000 km back from Budapest all by myself. I do this at least twice a year, because most of my family lives in Hungary. Being quite an experienced “traveller” I know that what counts most in traveling is not to take too much stuff with you. Always travel light. 😊



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    1. Thank you, Jill! It´s interesting that you guys see some “style” in my stuff, and I don´t… I´m wondering if we, as the painters/artists, are just to close to our own stuff to see it´s style anymore…? Hm, have to think about that. Have a wonderful day! 🌞

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      1. I heard another artist say that when you make a lot of art, your own style will show up. I like to explore different ways to create art but my style seems to show up even though I may not see it. I think in time, it becomes more clear. Hugs! ❤

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      2. I hope you´re right! And actually I think you probably are. By the way, I (and surely the others too) can see your style – it´s playful, very creative, innovative, and colorful! Love your art! ❤️🎨

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