Sterntaler | Starmoney Watercolor

Well, I can´t really believe what happened…

The last 3 days I was trying to get this watercolor painting together, sometimes it was so frustrating that I made the digital illustrations of it I already posted. I thought the watercolor will be for the waste basket, but I couldn’t give it up because there was so much work in it already. Then, yesterday, I heard an interview with a very successful illustrator on the radio, her name is Britta Teckentrup. I had to look her work up on the internet – you probably understand 😉. And I´m so happy I have discovered her! Studying her work has helped so much in finishing this painting. I thought that it´s full of mistakes, the background and the trees not being as smooth as I wanted them to be. Teckentrup “taught” me that backgrounds don´t have to be smooth, they can look great with structure. Suddenly all my “mistakes” turned to structure, and I even added more “mistakes”. It was really fun! And I must say: I like this handmade watercolor better than the digital pictures of it. Who would have thought that this might happen…?

The watercolor is scanned and photoshopped in color. I made a warmer and a colder variation.

Now I´m happy and nothing will disturb this wonderful Sunday anymore. 🌞


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