It´s been a long time… I´m not even sure if I´m still able to write in English. I´m trying to practice by watching series and movies in original tone on Netflix, but listening is different than writing or talking. It´s a lot easier.

Anyway, this here is practice too. No need to be perfect, right?!

So much has changed again. I´m not living in Frankfurt anymore, and since that I´m a lot happier. Frankfurt is nice, but not for me. There´s too much past there, maybe you know what I mean. The past weighed so heavy that there was no room for the present. So I decided that it´s time to move again, and this time to Wiesbaden. It´s located about 40 km west of Frankfurt, the capital of Hessen, and stunningly beautiful: lot´s of old town houses and mansions, the Rhine river, surrounded by forests and vineyards. We live in a beautiful flat downtown, and I found a wonderful studio in walking distance. I´m ready now for the present, preparing the future. 😉

Here are some impressions of my latest paintings and new workplace:

Wishing you all a wonderful day, thanks for stopping by! 🌞


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  1. so nice to hear from you again – you did great with your English! And so nice to see the front of your face in your profile picture! Welcome back and hope you are enjoying your new home.

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