New Kitchen and paintings

Part of my new studio is a tiny flat which I use as an “office”. It has one little room, a tiny bathroom, and a small kitchen. When I rented it it was in a horrible condition, the walls where yellowed, no floor, dirt everywhere, and the whole thing quite smelly. My husband helped me to put it back in order (actually he did the most of it). Now the walls are white again, bad smells are gone, it´s all clean, and we put a nice PVC floor on the ground. The flat looks as if it had a dark wooden floor, I´m a big fan of PVC flooring now! The kitchen is also almost done, but for the water connection we will need get an expert.

Besides all this I try to find time to paint, which is sometimes not an easy thing to do… Anyway, I managed to start and finish some new paintings. 😊


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