Santa Claus and Bergamot

Yesterday I got asked to illustrate a Christmas poem about Santa Claus wearing flip-flops. This would be my first real job as an illustrator, I’m so flattered and a little nervous. Have to find out was the price could be for such an illustration – anyone any idea?

For my own fun I painted a watercolor of bergamot after a photograph I found in a magazine. I’m quite happy with it. Actually I ignored the main watercolor rules, like not using too much paint, working in layers… I started with watercolor pencils, they did a good job, but in the end I added a lot of common watercolor paint, black, blue, yellow, and on the former dark blue background a lot of white. It was fun, a little like painting with acrylics 😊


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    1. I started with watercolor pencils, they are water soluble. But somehow the colors were too pale, that’s why I added lots of common watercolor paint to it to get the dark tones. Normal color pencils and watercolor are a great combination too!

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