Mr. Fox in the woods

Today I started a new attempt to illustrate the story I wrote a while ago. It’s for children and it provides an answer to the strange fact that a rabbit brings the eggs at Easter 🐣

Last time I painted the pictures in Photoshop digitally. This time I decided to paint them with watercolors and whatever else comes my way – maybe gouache or acrylics, who knows. The first step is done now. It’s this pencil sketch of Mr. Fox on his way to hen house to steel some eggs.


5 thoughts on “Mr. Fox in the woods

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  1. I love the scenery in this drawing. Looking forward to seeing it in colour and I hope you publish the book some day. I think your foxes “elbows” bend the wrong way though. The “wrist” bends forward while the “elbow” bends backward. Do you notice this too when you look at images of foxes running? Other than, I love your particular way of stylizing foxes. 😊

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