Trying to focus…

I don´t know where I read it, but it was in an article about the differences in the brains of men and women. The main information in just a few words: Women are better at concentrating on multiple issues, while men are better at focussing on only one.

I thought about it a lot. Is this maybe one reason that men are often more visible than women when it comes to success stories in different fields? I know, it´ s a “man´s world”, they are better connected and there’s this glass ceiling keeping women from a lot of possibilities – but one should always consider his or her own weaknesses too… Could it maybe be that men focus better and bring things to a successful end, while women maybe doing this and that, but lacking real focus? I know you should never crudely generalize as I do here, and there are surely exceptions… What do you think?

Unfortunately I must say that in my case this theory of women not being very good at focussing is quite adequate. That’s why I will work on this issue from now on seriously! I will focus on focussing and on bringing things to an end!

First project: My (since ages) planned children´s book. I’m done writing the text, now to the pictures! Here are the first sketches:

Thanks for stopping by! I’m curious what you think about women´s talent on focussing…


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