Still coloring…

Well, this illustrating thing is really challenging me. Yesterday I was so frustrated that I didn´t even post the results. I was not happy with it at all, and my little friend self-doubt said Hello again, telling me I was not good enough, I was not ready for illustrating a whole children’s book… Tonight I was thinking about how to go on, and in the morning I decided to go back to watercolors and try it that way.

Thank heaven during a little drying time I opened my Photoshop illustration again and started reworking it. It´s not done yet – after hours and hours – but I think the direction is okay by now. Praying for patience and focus… 😉


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  1. I think everyone, no matter what they’re doing, goes through cycles of self-doubt and motivation. Some people may struggle harder with it, but I think the biggest part is to try to push through those feelings of doubt and realize that 1. Give yourself a break, and 2. At least you’re doing something!
    Just keep hanging in there!

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