Poem and Picture

(Deutsch siehe unten)

Some days ago I decided with an old friend of mine, that we´d like to continue our musical project called MaybeMonday. We started it about 20 years ago creating something like electronic music with vocals. I was writing the songs and singing them, while my friend was then creating electronic music to it. It could also happen that the music was first, and I then wrote a song to it. It was really fun!

The past 10 years MaybeMonday was kind of sleeping. But now we decided to continue, that’s why I wrote a little song again. It´s in English, because singing in English is a lot easier than singing in German, and because we started this way – 20 years ago we thought singing in German was really uncool 😎

Here´s the “poem” I wrote for the song, and the latest painting I’m working on. Wishing a wonderful week to all of you!

End It With Music

Once I was happy in the sunshine of others
I had a little house in a garden of bloom
I mirrored myself in the eyes of strangers
Through flowers and light rays birdsongs of June

Once I was watching aeroplanes fly
into blues and whites and the midnight moon
and I was young and I could not know
that time rushes and good things end soon

Once I thought I could not walk any further
A ship in a storm without helm and sail
My love was gone, my garden withered
All songs and birds and suns had failed

Once I watched the gardens of strangers
full of colors and flavors and dots of light
And I lay down on my dry, scattered ground
not knowing bad things end too, and I cried

Now I´ m watching my life from the outside
seeing myself surrounded by night
between stars and moons and suns and colors
and troubles and liars and lovers and light

But my heart is calm and my soul is bright
because all days will be over once
the good, the bad, the right, the wrong,
the dark, the light, the lucky ones

And if everything ends
lets end it with music
lets end is with poems and songs
dance to the edge
arms wide like the ocean
end it with laughter this once

Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich mit einem alten Freund beschlossen, dass wir unser Musikprojekt namens MaybeMonday fortführen wollen. Wir haben es vor 20 Jahren angefangen und sowas wie elektronische Musik mit Gesang gemacht. Ich habe die Texte geschrieben und gesungen, mein Freund hat die Musik dazu gemacht. Manchmal war auch die Musik zuerst da, und dann habe ich mir dazu Text und Melodie ausgedacht. Das hat großen Spaß gemacht!

Die letzten 10 Jahre hat MaybeMonday sozusagen geschlafen. Aber nun haben wir eben beschlossen, doch weiter zu machen, deshalb habe ich wieder ein kleines Lied geschrieben. Er ist auf englisch, weil es viel einfacher ist, auf englisch zu singen, und weil wir auf englisch begonnen haben – vor 20 Jahren dachten wir, deutsch zu singen sei einfach zu uncool 😎

Hier also der Text, den ich für den neuen Song geschrieben habe, und Fotos von dem Bild, an dem ich gerade arbeite. Ich wünsche euch allen eine schöne Woche!


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