Sketch for June

(Deutsch siehe unten) Continuing my little calendar project: here's the sketch for June. Can't wait to paint with watercolors again. Hopefully I will find time tomorrow. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, hopefully at a bonfire eating sausages 🌞 Heute an meinem kleinen Kalender-Projekt weiter gearbeitet: hier die Skizze für Juni. Ich kann's kaum erwarten, wieder... Continue Reading →


Poem and Picture

(Deutsch siehe unten) Some days ago I decided with an old friend of mine, that we´d like to continue our musical project called MaybeMonday. We started it about 20 years ago creating something like electronic music with vocals. I was writing the songs and singing them, while my friend was then creating electronic music to... Continue Reading →


I wish I could look from a distance and sit far away on the moon let go, leave winter behind dear God, let summer come soon 🌷🌞


Yesterday I went to buy some new art supplies. I was not really happy with my oil paint and realized that it´s only studio quality. Thought then that when I want to be a serious artist I should probably use some serious professional or at least good oil paint. I bought the cheapest "finest" colors... Continue Reading →


Somehow I think I'm at a turning point. There are days when things come together in a way which leads us to new insights and to to realizing that maybe what you thought before was not right. Yesterday was such a day. I watched this short film about Mindy Alper, and it made me realize... Continue Reading →


(Deutsch siehe unten) Today I painted on my first oil painting again. Somehow the colors are a little boring, but I will deal with that later. For now I painted the windows, which caused me some perspective issues. But in the end it worked out somehow 😊 Wishing everyone a wonderful week! Spring is coming!!! 🌷🌺🌞... Continue Reading →


(Deutsch siehe unten) Today I worked on her torso and started her face, which will probably be the easiest part in this whole undertaking. I think her eyes are still too big and her face is way too sweet, but all in all it´s alright. Heute habe ich an ihrem Oberkörper gearbeitet und ihr Gesicht... Continue Reading →

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