Well, well... painting hands is not my favorite activity. It´s so hard to get all those bones into the right angle, and to pay attention to light and shadow additionally. As you can see, I'm not done yet, but I was too exhausted in the end to continue. Anyway, this is just the first layer.... Continue Reading →


Third page of book done

(Deutsch siehe unten) Today I finally finished the third page of my children's book. Progress in this project is a bit slower than planned since I discovered my old/new love of oil painting... Anyway, I'm focussing on these two things now - which is actually the contrary of really focussing 😳 But I cannot let go... Continue Reading →

Portrait painting in oil

(Deutsch siehe unten) Today I worked on my portrait painting again. I can tell it´s a lot harder than painting the houses 😳 But it´s also very interesting to use this much paint painting a face. While painting thin layers is more like drawing (I do this with acrylic paint), painting thick layers is almost like... Continue Reading →

Village – first layer done

I'm done with the first layer of my village painting. Changed the colors a bit because it seemed too gaudy to me. Now I like it better, but I think I will change the colors again slightly. Waiting for the paint to dry now. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend 🌞 Die erste Schicht meines Dorfbildes... Continue Reading →

A Village By The Sea

(Deutsch siehe unten) Today just a very quick post because it´s late already. I finished the first layer of my second painting. It´s drying now. I wonder how long it will take these thick layers of paint to dry... Started my third painting: a village by the sea. I paint it on top of another... Continue Reading →

More Houses

(Deutsch siehe unten) Today I went on with my oil painting. I finished the first layer of it and started another one right away. Painting wet in wet is great, but I learned that unfortunately there is a point where you cannot go on and just have to wait for the whole thing to dry.... Continue Reading →


(Deutsch siehe unten) I´m back from Budapest. Unfortunately I didn't find any time to paint or to post. But I saw my family again, yay!, and I strolled around in the streets of my beautiful second hometown. The weather was quite nasty, but nothing else to expect in January. In lack of sunshine and therefore in... Continue Reading →

Painting Houses

(Deutsch siehe unten) I had tons of fun today starting this new oil painting! I used the paint in a different way now, much more of it in a thicker layer. I learned that this way painting wet in wet is great, so no waiting times anymore, yay! I just don't know yet if it´s... Continue Reading →

Oil, (Watercolor), Pencil

(Deutsch siehe unten) Even though my new oil painting was still not completely dry, impatient me went on with it. I thought: well, let's see if it works anyway. It did somehow, but I think it would have been better to wait. Hm. I also started a new page of my book - page three... Continue Reading →

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