This one was planned only with a squirrel, but then I thought: Can´t leave out Mr. Fox! So he´s here too, again. Friends have to stick together, right?!


Fox in Berries

I made a new background for the fox I painted some weeks (or months?) ago. The background itself is made on Photoshop, the berries are pencil drawings, the fox itself is watercolor and gouache. I like the sketchy feel of the berries and that they are not too perfect, but I must also admit that... Continue Reading →

Watercolor: Hibernation

I´m finally done with this picture that doesn't fit this beautiful summer season at all... 😉 Anyway, looking at it makes you appreciate the warmth and sunshine even more. Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday!  

Blue Whale / chase the sun

I also made a new design of my blue whale watercolor painting. This way it looks a little more up to date. It´s available for purchase at Redbubble, Society6, and Artflakes.

New Design

Yesterday I bought a birthday card for my husband a saw a lot of really pretty cards on the shelves. That´s how I got the idea for this new design. It´s an older watercolor painting of mine combined with a little digital background, scanned pencil writing, and graph paper. The words are of a beautiful old... Continue Reading →

Sketch: Hibernation

Hm, I thought this hibernation idea might look cute, but now the sketch seems a little boring to me. But I think I will try the watercolor version anyway. Maybe some colors and stars above will help... ⭐️


I´m done with these two little friends flying to the moon. 😊 I really like this one. And I found out something new - at least new for me: If I decide spontaneously what colors to take, I usually mess up the color harmony. In this one here the colors look okay, because I planned... Continue Reading →


Or: Almost flying. Making these kids pictures is so much fun. 😊

New Stuff

There´s some new stuff in my online shops all around the world - haha, sounds like I´m a real global player 😁 Actually I´m sitting just at home in my living room, painting. I gave up my Frankfurt Studio a little while ago because we´re about to move again. Don´t know when exactly, but I hope... Continue Reading →

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