Just a quick post today. It is dark already and I am still in my studio. October took me the whole afternoon and evening, but I am happy with the outcome. I will show you the original watercolor illustration (it is actually watercolor and colored pencil) and the digitally edited version of it, which is the... Continue Reading →



Deutsch siehe unten I completely forgot to post my calendar watercolors for July, August and September... Well, getting older 😉 Ich habe vollkommen vergessen, meine Kalender-Aquarelle für Juli, August und September zu posten. Tja, ich werde älter 😉


Deutsch siehe unten Yesterday I started coloring my October sketch. I think a painting is kind of like a butterfly. You draw a nice little sketch, that pleases you - the caterpillar state. Then you start coloring and it looks as if you ruined the whole thing - the cocoon state. I remember times when... Continue Reading →


Deutsch siehe unten Still working on my childrens calendar, and as I should probably be already editing the whole thing to get it into production, I decided that finishing the watercolors is the most urgent thing to do now. Here is the sketch for October, painting starts this afternoon. November and December still missing. Any... Continue Reading →


Deutsch siehe unten I am working on this pencil drawing since several weeks, not really getting it done. Painting is a lot easier than drawing for me. Maybe because I try to be much more accurate when drawing. Hair is the worst - how the h... do people paint or draw hair??? It is really... Continue Reading →


Deutsch siehe unten Just a very quick post, because I'm in a hurry: Here is my second canning lid painting. This lid is smaller than the first one, I think 5-6 cm diameter, and it was a lot harder to paint. Another strange thing is that it is a lot prettier in real than it... Continue Reading →


(Deutsch siehe unten) From time to time I wondered what I could make of old canning lids. The glasses are "precious waste" and get recycled, while their lids are only thrown away. But canning lids can simply be hung up on the wall, just like a painting canvas. That is how it came to my... Continue Reading →


(Deutsch siehe unten) Here´s again some tiny progress. I'm a bit annoyed. I'm working too slow, too much other stuff to do, and I cannot free myself from trying to copy reality... Why is this so hard? Anyway, I will try harder! Hier wieder ein winziger Fortschritt. Ich bin etwas genervt. Ich arbeite zu langsam,... Continue Reading →

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